JA Baczewski Orange liqueur Pomaranczowka 500ml
Orange liqueur - features a wonderful bouquet thanks to its production process, based on an original pre-war recipe. Its sweet and intriguing taste is obtained by using the grated peel of fresh, ripe oranges and a carefully selected mixture of herbs and seasonings. Then triple-distilled potato spirit is added to the ingredients, and mix with crystal-clear mountain water. Served as an aperitif or alongside some freshly-brewed coffee.
JA Baczewski Cherry liqueur Wisniowka 500ml
This cherry liqueur is made according to a traditional pre-war recipe – using sweet and sour cherries combined, in the right proportions, with triple-distilled potato spirit. An outstanding aperitif that also tastes splendid at the end of a meal.
JA Baczewski Hazelnut liqueur - 500 ml
Made using a family recipe and the best natural ingredients: roasted hazelnuts, nougat chocolate, and vanilla with a touch of allspice. This infusion thus prepared is then mixed with triple-distilled potato spirit, to which crystal-clear mountain water is added. Baczewski’s Hazelnut may be taken as an aperitif, but tastes even better with freshly brewed coffee and a spoon of fluffy whipped cream.
JA Baczewski Egg cream liqueur Ovovit 500ml
A unique egg-based liqueur made using an original pre-war recipe, using only natural and fresh ingredients. Production involves blending egg yolks with milk until a smooth consistency is obtained, followed by a touch of vanilla and a pinch of a special mixture of seasonings. Then triple-distilled potato spirit is added, and by mixing the ingredients slowly a thick, top quality liqueur is created.
JA Baczewski Apricot liqueur
Apricot liqueur – has the taste of the legendary pre-war abricotine. It is made based on a traditional family recipe, and using only natural ingredients – ripe and juicy Polish apricots and a mixture of herbs and seasonings, selected with exceptional care. Triple-distilled potato spirit and crystal-clear mountain water are added to the prepared ingredients. Baczewski’s apricot liqueur is an excellent aperitif or addition to your evening meal.
JA Baczewski Blackcurrent liqueur Jezynowka 500ml
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JA Baczewski Blackcurrent liqueur Jezynowka 500ml