Perez Barquero Los Palcos Cream Montilla Sherry
Sweet sherry, bright mahogany colour, with an intense mix of aging aromas. 100% Pedro Ximenez
Perez Barquero Solera 13 Morilles Sherry
Dry Fino, the youngest of the Soleras by Perez Barquero, which is a brilliant and transparent, pale yellow in colour. With a harmonic union of ageing and varietal remembrances, with nuts aroma.
Perez Barquero Los Amigos Pedro Ximenez sweet Sherry
With sun-dried genuine Pedro Ximénez grape. Oxidative ageing by the traditional system of “criaderas and soleras”. It is transparent, sparkly and unctuous. Dark mahogany colour with iodized nuances. Aroma is Intense, deep and complex. With a velvety, dense and persistent but elegant after-taste.
Perez Barquero Gran Barquero Amontillado Sherry
Gran Barquero Amontillado Sherry - 100% Pedro Ximénez, from the superior quality area of Montilla-Moriles. An old Fino, which has been aged for 25years, in America oak casks, following the traditional system of criaderas & solera. It has an amber yellow colour with golden hues. Aromas are very sharp and intense, complex with hints of wood, nuts (hazelnuts), spices and overripe fruit. The taste is very consistent, warm, tasty, powerful, large and with an elegant aftertaste.
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