Rhubarb & Ginger Tonic Water
Notes of sweet earthy rhubarb deepen to spice, thanks to natural ginger. Low in quinine for a perfectly dry finish.
Classic Indian Tonic Water
Absolutely singing with citrus, this classic tonic mingles orange, lemon and lime for refreshing hits of flavour with a good dry finish.
Blood Orange & Cinnamon Tonic Water
Uplifting orange citrus notes give way to warming cinnamon for a fruity, spicy vibe.
Refreshingly Light Tonic Water
Crisp, clean and gently citrussy, this tonic has 60% less sugar than traditional tonics for a satisfyingly tart finale.
Elder Flower & Lemon Tonic Water
Aromatic elderflower meets zesty citrus for a nice rounded sweetness. Low quinine levels give the floral notes extra lift.
Premium Soda Water
Light and crisp, with a smooth finish. Finely carbonated allowing the flavours of premium spirits to stand out.
Ginger Beer
Fiery and full-bodied, this dream team of natural ginger flavours brings an intensity that’s both lively and long-lasting.
Ginger Ale
Natural ginger flavours cosy up with citrus for a refreshing and warming finish.
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